Catalog Builder Online®
Catalog Builder Online® empowers your distribution network to promote your products in new and strategic ways.

Designed for wholesale distributors and manufacturers with multiple locations or dealer networks, Catalog Builder Online® is a convenient, cost saving way to:
  • Increase field marketing activity
  • Provide new options for sales support
  • Maintain quality control in the marketplace
  • Improve tracking of co-op activities
Increase Field Market Activity

Now, rather than just pushing catalogs out to the market, you can give your dealers and remote offices the ability to pull the information they need from your database and create their own customized catalogs, flyers and catalog websites. This way they can highlight the product lines most relevant to their local markets and support their latest sales initiatives. No software investments or special skill sets are required by the users. They simply log into your catalog database and select their content. Then Catalog Builder Online® will generate formatted, full-color catalogs, flyers or sell sheets for them, as often as needed.

Provide New Options for Sales Support

Catalog Builder Online® gives your field sales force the power to sell more strategically and more efficiently. Just a few of the options Catalog Builder Online® makes possible include:
  • Dealer-branded flyers or sell sheets
  • Localized, market-specific sales literature
  • Print-on-demand catalogs and sales brochures
  • Dealer catalog websites
Maintain Brand Identity and Information Control

You are giving the field new flexibility, but you are still in control. Catalog Builder Online® gives you the option of allowing complete creative freedom, or retaining creative control by providing your own pre-designed templates to the field. Protecting the integrity of your product information is easy too: your administrator can lock some content areas while allowing users to modify others. You might even choose to lock everything other than a spot for the dealer’s name, address and logo. Some of the content areas you can provide include:
  • Complete, enriched product descriptions
  • Features and benefits
  • Multiple product specifications
  • Product pictures
Improve Tracking of Co-op Activities

Catalog Builder Online® helps you track promotional activities so you can spend co-op dollars more strategically.

Catalog Builder Online®: Technology you can trust

Catalog Builder Online® features the same easy user interface and dynamic formatting capabilities as the Catalog Builder Software Suite, the number one catalog design and management system for wholesale distributors. Catalog Builder Online® features include:
  • Multiple output support: Print, PDF, web
  • Print-on-demand
  • Template support
  • Content lock
  • Custom formatting tools for remote users (if enabled)
  • Print/publish preview
Catalog Builder Online® can be purchased as a software license from CPC, or we can provide a hosted service with the database and end user support. CPC provides extensive product databases for many industries, including the HVACR, Electrical, Fluid Power, and Industrial segments.

Small wholesale distributors can subscribe to Catalog Builder Online® to generate professional quality catalogs directly from CPC’s catalog-ready database (the industry’s largest) of up-to-date, fully attributed HVACR product data. Purchasing co-ops can take advantage of Catalog Builder Online® in much the same manner. CPC will host the common catalog database, and co-op members generate their individualized catalogs from it.

Custom Dealer Websites with Catalog Builder Online®

Your dealers can create custom web catalogs with shopping cart support that can be added to existing websites or act as new, stand-alone websites. They simply select the relevant products from your database, choose branding options such as headers for the web page, fonts and colors, and Catalog Builder Online® publishes a new website with a searchable catalog and full-featured shopping cart checkout.

Find out how Catalog Builder Online® can enhance field marketing efforts and boost your bottom line. Call 1-888-PUNDITS to learn more.