eCommerce21® Features: Content Management
The key to optimal online store functionality is proper content management. The eCommerce21® storefront system delivers enterprise-wide content management to optimize the way you manage, update and secure your online store database. Multi-level security controls allow you to grant and restrict database privileges to different users or groups within your organization. For example, you can grant one group full data editing rights while restricting another group to editing design elements only. eCommerce21® CMS is designed for both small and large companies. It can hold millions of products in the database with millions of attributes specific to each product. In some industries one image and marketing copy belongs to multiple part numbers for different specifications. The eCommerce21® CMS provides different views of the product database to make it easier for you to maintain it. It comes with a built in update module to update CMS data from an outside file or database by simply mapping the fields between the two. The stored procedure features with the update module eliminates the need to map fields each time an update is done. The update module is designed to give you reports on what is being updated.

eCommerce21® CMS also comes with optional features of auditing, roll back and user roles. The auditing feature keeps track of any changes being made to the database by users. An administrator can generate reports to see who made what changes and if the changes were being made by error, they can be rolled back without manually fixing the changes. The database maintenance users can be setup with different permissions so only the authorized personnel can change certain fields in the database.

The optional eCommerce21® CMS Workflow Management System is designed to allow data flow from outside databases and files. The system can be setup to connect to an outside database or pickup files from a folder on a scheduled basis then import them to a holding tank until authorized personnel can approve the content being imported into the live database.