eCommerce21® Features: Design

It's easy to set up the design elements of your online store. Simply choose from a variety of options, including colors, fonts, and layout, and eCommerce21 builds your storefront within a few minutes. If you want even more design control, the look and feel of your online store can be completely customized with any HTML web design editor. Either way, the rules-based design system creates consistent and appealing results throughout your entire site.

eCommerce21® also gives you access to CSS. You can use any CSS editor to change the look and feel of your storefront.

View design examples of CPC customers:

SPI Website

SPI Health and Safety is among the leading Canadian distributors of health and safety products designed for the protection of workers.

Weingartz Website

Weingartz is a leading North American supplier of lawnmower parts, snow blower parts and outdoor power equipment.

F&M MAFCO Website

F&M Mafco sells, rents, repairs and reconditions tools and equipment.

Alto Turbo Website

Alto Turbo Products is the largest independently owned manufacturer of automatic transmission clutches and gears in the world.