eCommerce21® Features: User Interface

The eCommerce21® storefront system features an enhanced user interface to make it easy for your customers to find what they need.

Basic Setup

Create a storefront that lets customers search within categories of products to view product part numbers, descriptions, prices, and so on. This setup is ideal for merchants selling just one type of product or a small number of products.

Advance Setup

Create a storefront that lets customers search by product attributes like color or size. When you are selling many categories of products with varied specifications and attributes, the advanced browsing system of eCommerce21® makes it easy for customers to quickly narrow in on the exact products they are searching for.

Product Comparisons

Customers can select two or more products to view side by side comparisons.

Interactive Viewing

Instantly enlarges a product image when customers mouse over it. Also, customers can click on product options like color or finish to see product images change.

Customize your own header, footer and homepage. Sophisticated drop down search functionality.

Customize header, footer and homepage.

Convenient sidebar for easy shopping.

Sidebar for easy shopping.

Drop down search functionality.

Narrow results with customized specifications.

Narrow results with customized specifications.

Dynamic database populates fields.

Database populates fields.