Message from the President
Prashubh Batham, CEO Dear CPC Customers,

Welcome to the Summer installment of Newsbytes, the customer newsletter from Computer Pundits Corporation (CPC). As always, I’d like to thank you for your continued commitment to our products and services, and hope that we have been able to help you Make Sales Easier as 2013 begun.

Over 20 years ago we created Catalog Builder®, which became the best-selling catalog software in the wholesale distribution industry. That was a long time ago, and much has changed. Ask yourself: How has the Internet changed your buying habits since 1990? Your buyers and prospects have likely experienced the very same kind of change in habits, both personally and professionally.

The well-informed “anytime, anywhere consumer” with mobile device in hand and pervasive access to broadband presents a much more complex buying process than ever before. The proliferation of mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets enables consumers to look for product information online anywhere and anytime they desire. These connected consumers expect access to buying information and the ability to complete the sales via mobile devices as they move from consideration and researching to the purchasing both during and outside normal business hours.

To help our customers keep pace with the changing landscape of eCommerce and further our commitment to innovation, CPC is proud to announce expansion of our eCommerce21® suite of products, now including eCommerce21® Valise, eCommerce21® Mobile, eCommerce21® Multi-Site module and finally eCommerce21® Site Design Manager.

In this issue of Newsbytes, we will showcase our eCommerce21® Multi-Site module to further educate you about how simple it can be to create and manage multiple web-storefronts; as well as the benefits of operating multiple web-storefronts can have on your business. In addition, we profile a CPC employee, we highlight the successes Conely Company has found through the use of CPC solutions and interview an industry professional about why to not use your ERP vendor’s eCommerce solution.

Thanks again, and enjoy this issue of Newsbytes. Please remember to contact us to share your success story, or if you need any help Making Sales Easier!


Prashubh Batham
President and CEO
Computer Pundits Corporation